Five Easy Ways to Justify a Document Imaging System

My company is considering the RVI imaging solution. We know the air max 90 homme pas cher RVI solution brings efficiency, savings and improved customer service.

My manager has asked how can we justify it. Can you help me?

The first question you need to answer is... what is the $$$VALUE to getting information faster or the $$$PENALTY associated with delays.

The easiest approach to justification of the RVI document image solution is to look at the operational costs that can be reduced by implementing RVI. Here are some things to look at.

  1. How much does my paper cost? What paper costs can I save by:
    ? Reducing paper usage for printing,air max 90 homme pas cher copying and faxing
    ? Reducing the use of pre-printed forms
    ? Reducing the use of filing supplies – manila folders,
    flex folders, file cabinets, record storage boxes
  2. How much floor space can be reclaimed by eliminating many of my current file cabinets? What is the value of that floor space?
  3. Records center labor costs are a big savings. How much time and labor does it take to file a new document, retrieve an
    existing document and then re-file the same document? How much time is spent setting up new files each calendar year?
  4. Off-site storage costs related to the expense of the storing older documents and the costs for retrieval of documents from that storage space. What are the costs to purge and destroy the outdated documents? How much labor is involved each year to move documents to the off-site storage space?
  5. How many documents can I create and distribute to employees and customers as an electronic document? Every time I send an email with air max 90 homme pas cher a document attached, I save the costs of printing and mailing the document. If I can send reports, invoices, statements electronically via email how much Fedex, UPS and US postal costs can I save? How much labor can I save by not having to burst the reports and then manually distribute them?

In addition to these costs there are other benefits that can be used to justify the RVI solution. RVI can help you with the justification by answering your questions.

For additional information, read "7 Tips for Selecting a Document Imaging System"

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