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Making Smart Phones and Tablets Work For You


Mobile computing is growing in importance as a must have for your Nike Air More Uptempo employees and customers. The use of the internet, smart phones and tablets are common ways to access business information.

Are your employees and customers able to get to their important documents and reports over the internet using their smart phones or tablets?

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) completed a survey in 2011 that gives insight into the use of smart phones, tablets and the internet.

  • 64% of companies have no mobile access to their Nike Air More Uptempo documents or reports.
  • 77% have no dedicated internet browser access to their documents or reports.
  • 87% have no apps to access their documents or reports on a smart phone or tablet.


The RVI solutions provide mobile image access capabilities to access your business documents immediately from anywhere at any time. RVI has developed mobile apps for the Apple  iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. We also have mobile apps for Android and Windows phones. All of these mobile applications are “FREE” to our customers and are available immediately as downloads from the app stores. It is like taking your file cabinets with you as you visit customer sites.

In addition, RVI has partnered with Quadrant software to create the RVI Mobile Signature Capture native application that allows signature capture on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Now you can have a customer sign your documents at their Nike Air More Uptempo locations and within seconds have the completed documents returned for internal processing and invoicing.

Every business can benefit from the availability of secured mobile image access and remote signature capabilities, for example:

  • Medical - patient information, lab reports, doctor notes, etc.
  • Transportation - shipping documents, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Government - police reports, utility documents, court documents, clerk of court documents, code enforcement, etc.
  • Manufacturing / Distribution - hazardous material documents, assembly instructions, inspection forms, delivery documents, etc.
  • Banking - loan department, trust department, regulatory compliance, audits, customer information, statements, etc.

Mobile computing removes the final barriers to conducting business on the go and frees you from your desk. When you can bring all of your file cabinets with Nike Air More Uptempo you, wherever you go, you have instant access to all of your important documents, whenever you need them. Mobile computing plus document imaging is a recipe for changing the way you work. It’s not just a good idea waiting to happen—it’s ready to go!http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/

Interface Your Applications with an RVI Look

Most of your core jordan femme  business applications run on an IBM i server with a “green-screen” look. They are rock-solid and run very efficiently just like you expect them to perform. While your users are comfortable working in this environment, they politely refer to the green-screen look as their “legacy applications”.

Sure, you would like to pursue a document imaging solution, but your jordan femme users insist on a graphical look for any new applications you provide. You’ve considered a PC Windows solution but frankly the idea of bringing in a bunch of new servers and trying to integrate them with your current applications is a bit more than you care to take on right now. And you have given up trying to figure out how much this is going to cost your company!

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) has it covered for you! RVI was built for integration with your IBM i applications, provides flexible interface options and has easy-to-understand pricing. Simple is definitely better!

RVI is a document image and spool / file report capture solution that runs on the same IBM i server as your core business applications. RVI supports multiple interface options so your users can move easily from their application to the content they need to access with whatever look you choose to provide. That means you can present the RVI Sub-File with a “green-screen” look that the users are already familiar with or one of RVI’s “browser” options to deliver a more GUI look. RVI even has a mobile APP so users can access business content from their Apple or Droid devices.

So how much extra do these interface options cost? Nothing! With RVI, you have a native IBM i solution that offers comprehensive features with jordan femme flexible integration options and easy-to-understand pricing. With RVI’s model-based pricing you don’t pay extra for additional modules, users or scan stations like most other PC solutions you may have considered.

Want to spice-up your legacy applications? Give us a call and we can show you how!http://www.jordan5.fr

Make it Happen Faster With RVI's Mobile Signature Capture System!


I know an imaging system can help us organize and manage yeezy scarpe  our documents more effectively, but nothing gets started until we receive the signed paperwork back at the office. Deliveries are made, customers approve the shipments and our drivers have to return the Proof of Delivery documents before we can prepare our invoices.


With RVI's new Mobile Signature Capture system, you can make it happen faster!

Using an iPad, iPhone or iTouch device, your drivers can select the specific document to be signed at delivery time. Once the receiver approves the shipment, the document can be signed using the stylus or by hand, and the Proof of Delivery is transmitted back to your office. Additional supporting documents can be gathered (using RVI's Rendition Billing) and the yeezy scarpe invoice can be prepared and emailed or faxed to your customer's Accounts Payable department before the driver leaves the parking lot!

 The capture process is streamlined, your invoices are prepared accurately and promptly, and your customer has the information they need to process and pay your invoice faster...reducing your company's Accounts Receivable lag time.

 RVI's Mobile Signature Capture system has a free interface with Quadrant Software's "Formtastic" forms solution that also supports merging captured signatures and forms from their application. For RVI customers, the new feature is included with the RVI Complete System.http://www.sneaker2018.it/

Click here to download the RVI brochure
Click here to view the Quadrant Brief