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Using RVI Document Imaging to Solve Your Customer Service Issues


  • You can't find the jordan pas cher  folder you need because someone has removed it from the file cabinet.
  • You need to find paperwork for a customer that is on the phone and you want to eliminate call backs and voice mail.
  • You want to give your customers internet access to their account information.


Real Vision Imaging (RVI) gives you the ability to capture, store and organize your documents into a digital filing system that makes them quickly and easily accessible from your jordan pas cher business applications. With RVI, you can scan paper documents, import PC documents and files, and capture printed documents and reports.

The documents you need:

  • Are available for retrieval and viewing in the office or over the internet 24/7
  • Can be organized and "stapled" together for quick access
  • Can be attached to emails or faxed immediately to the requestor
  • Are available for viewing over the web using your mobile devices
  • Are available for direct customer access over the internet at no cost to you!

RVI Complete offers all of these features, and much more, as part of our document imaging software solution. are just a few of the advanced features included...they are not sold as add-on modules, and there are no additional licensing or user fees for these features.

The bottom line is that RVI can provide improved employee productivity and a higher level of customer service. Give us a call so we can review other ways that we can help you jordan pas cher improve your customer service operations.

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Your RVI Document Imaging Solution on Apple iPad & iPhone

Mobile document Management just got easier! The RVI Apple iPad and iPhone appliction is now available from the Apple Store, search for Real Vision!

With business, industry and government looking for yeezy replica  innovative ways to be more efficient and reduce operational costs, the Apple iPad is making a big hit!

With its compact size and high quality display, the Apple iPad and iPhone provide great mobile computing devices to retrieve and view documents whenever you need them. RVI, the most user friendly, feature-rich, affordable document imaging solution out there today, has developed an application for iPad and iPhone that allows instant access to your important information.


"A File Cabinet in Your Pocket" - Click here for a free whitepaper!

Great news! Support for the RVI Apple iPad and iPhone application is included with RVI Version 8 at no charge!

Five Easy Ways to Justify a Document Imaging System

My company is considering the RVI imaging solution. We know the air max 90 homme pas cher RVI solution brings efficiency, savings and improved customer service.

My manager has asked how can we justify it. Can you help me?

The first question you need to answer is... what is the $$$VALUE to getting information faster or the $$$PENALTY associated with delays.

The easiest approach to justification of the RVI document image solution is to look at the operational costs that can be reduced by implementing RVI. Here are some things to look at.

  1. How much does my paper cost? What paper costs can I save by:
    ? Reducing paper usage for printing,air max 90 homme pas cher copying and faxing
    ? Reducing the use of pre-printed forms
    ? Reducing the use of filing supplies – manila folders,
    flex folders, file cabinets, record storage boxes
  2. How much floor space can be reclaimed by eliminating many of my current file cabinets? What is the value of that floor space?
  3. Records center labor costs are a big savings. How much time and labor does it take to file a new document, retrieve an
    existing document and then re-file the same document? How much time is spent setting up new files each calendar year?
  4. Off-site storage costs related to the expense of the storing older documents and the costs for retrieval of documents from that storage space. What are the costs to purge and destroy the outdated documents? How much labor is involved each year to move documents to the off-site storage space?
  5. How many documents can I create and distribute to employees and customers as an electronic document? Every time I send an email with air max 90 homme pas cher a document attached, I save the costs of printing and mailing the document. If I can send reports, invoices, statements electronically via email how much Fedex, UPS and US postal costs can I save? How much labor can I save by not having to burst the reports and then manually distribute them?

In addition to these costs there are other benefits that can be used to justify the RVI solution. RVI can help you with the justification by answering your questions.

For additional information, read "7 Tips for Selecting a Document Imaging System"

Please give us a call and we will be happy to work with you.
For more information, please contact:

Dave Woodring

Len Knudsen
318-449-4579 x 120

Terry Brogan
318-449-4579 x118


With RVI Document Imaging - Less Paper Means More Green

"Going green"is getting a lot of attention these days. However, many air max 270 homme  of us tend to assume that we're too small to make a difference. The reality is that every little contribution helps and it all adds up to something significant.

We only have one planet and its up to each one of us to be environmentally responsible. RVI has been a Green Solution long before the term even existed. And whats wrong with having a product that can improve your business and have a potential impact on the environment at the same time?

Moving from paper documents to digital can save you money and reduce your environmental footprint in three ways:

RVI reduces your consumption of paper, saving thousands of trees every year! Did you know that 30% of paper is consumed in the United States? Driving paper out of the core business process has the immediate impact of reducing the number of trees used.

Consider these general factoids:

  • It takes 20 years to grow one pulp tree that is 50 feet tall with an 8" diameter.
  • One tree equates to 8,333 sheets of paper (assuming 16.67 reams @ 500 sheets).
  • Each ream of paper (500 sheets) consumes 6% of a single tree.

This does not factor in other supplies such as folders, transport boxes, pre-printed forms, ink/toner cartridges, binders, markers, copy costs and much more.

RVI reduces your document storage requirements which translates to space savings! Fewer paper documents means fewer file cabinets, less floor space for onsite records storage and less real estate required for offsite warehouses and retention services. Not only does this air max 270 homme reduce your environmental footprint, but it helps improve your energy effeciency by lowering the need for power, lighting, humidity control and consumption of other facilities necessary to operate every square foot of space that is occupied.

RVI eliminates transporting documents which reduces fuel and carbon emissions! RVI enables digitized documents to be accessed by anyone from anyplace at anytime. And the emergence of distributed scanners at reasonable prices makes it easy to eliminate paper at its point of origin. The need for courier services to move paper between locations is significantly reduced which directly correlates to savings in fuel consumption (barrels of oil) and its associated carbon emisssions.

According to a case study on the AIIM website "...one barrel of oil can produce nine gallons of diesel fuel. Each gallon of diesel fuel burned releases 22.2 pounds of carbon into the atmosphere. Even if you cannot account for exactly how much fuel is consumed in transporting documents, you can certainly understand how quickly these calculations will add up.

The cost of moving electronic information to workers is insignficant as compared to the cost of moving workers to centrally stored documents. Since access is now independant of air max 270 homme geography, worker travel time can also be reduced resulting in greater savings in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

In addition to these very tangible financial and environmental benefits, Go Green initiatives generate good publicity and resonate with the local community. IBM is demonstrating this with it's current "Smarter Planet" theme and many companies are promoting their efforts on their websites.

Even if you are just a "small player" in your industry, it all adds up.

So whats the best way to get started? Theres no wrong way! Reducing your consumption of paper is a lot like going on a diet. The toughest part is just getting started. The sooner you do, the quicker you will start seeing benefits.

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) = good for your company, good for the planet!http://www.sneaker2018.fr/

RVI Document Imaging | RVI Viewer Version 8.0 Enhancements

RVI has added several new enhancements to the Version 8.0 Viewer.

In the RVI Viewer preference tab, we have added new switches to enhance the air max 97 pas cher functions of RVI.

General Tab

  • "Display warning when importing files larger than average during drag and drop". Users can specify the size limit.
  • "If checked, the blocked area will be black, unchecked, it will be white."Redaction
  • "Use the Adobe Reader plug-in to display PDF files". If checked, the pdf files will display in the RVI viewer. Unchecked, it will use a different display to view multiple windows of the pdf files and not crash. (Adobe has a known issue with air max 97 pas cher Adobe Reader 8 & 9. It will crash the calling application when it tries to close the open windows when multiple windows are open.)
  • "Backup Drag/Drop files". Checking this option will move the files into a subdirectory when mulitple users are using a common directory. The viewer will make sure the files are dragged/dropped only once.

Scanner Support Tab

The new option here is "Autodetect Paper in ADF / Change to Flatbed". Users scanning with a flatbed scanner should check this option. Those users scanning from the ADF tray and may also want to scan something from the flatbed scanner can check this option. Unchecked is the default or normal operation.http://www.sneaker2018.fr/

Getting Back to Basics for Small Business


My budget is limited, but my problems are getting bigger. I have less people running the Nike Air VaporMax pas cher  business than I did three years ago. The workload is taking its toll on my employees. Morale is being affected. I am fearful that our service to our customers may become a problem.

Are there any affordable projects that will help me improve my workers' efficiency?


The RVI Express solution is a great "Back to Basics" project. The paper based filing system that you use today is a tremendous waste of your employees' time. They have PC's at their desk, yet they still make copies of documents and file them in folders in filing cabinets.

Why not give them a digital filing system that can manage all of the documents and reports they work with. With the RVI Express solution, you can capture paper documents using your existing scanners or multifunction copiers. RVI Express can import your PC created documents, reports and files, and store them in the digital filing system. RVI can also capture any printed output from your IBM i applications and allow them to be placed in the digital filing system.

Once the documents are filed in a digital format, you can view and work with the documents 24/7 in the office or remotely over the internet. You have access to the reports or documents any time you need them, Your employees don't need to leave their desk or make paper copies of Nike Air VaporMax pas cher documents anymore.

With the workflow capability that comes with the RVI Express solution, the digitized documents can be routed to your employees instantaneously as part of your daily work process. The ability to get the documents in digital format cuts days, hours and minutes from the processing cycle. RVI Workflow will speed up the process and you will have better control over the documents/reports.

The RVI Express solution is very affordable. It will save you money and dramatically improve your employee productivity. It will also improve morale so that your Nike Air VaporMax pas cher employee can handle their growing workloads.

For more information, please contact:

Dave Woodring

Len Knudsen
318-449-4579 x120

Terry Brogan
318-449-4579 x118



Are All Document Imaging Systems Created Equal?

Selecting an imaging solution for your company is the air max 270 femme beginning of a long term relationship and deserves serious consideration.

When evaluating imaging solutions most companies want to make sure they are asking all the right questions and need to know not only the initial cost of the solution, but what are the long term costs of ownership.

For the evaluation process, it is safe to assume that all imaging solutions offer the air max 95 pas cher same basic imaging capabilities, document scanning, viewing, printing, faxing, workflow, Internet support, printed output capture, etc., in addition to some possible special functions like signature capture, mobile image access, SSN redaction, GUI workflow designer, versioning, imported document support, etc.http://www.airmaxfrance2015.com/

The important question is how is all of that delivered? Are all these functions in the imaging solution or are they sold as add-ons.

How can RVI help?

To make the process easier for companies evaluating competitive imaging solutions RVI can provide a document, Vendor Questions, that a company can use as a questionnaire to get accurate information based on set criteria. This puts everyone on a level playing field and helps eliminate costly surprises or misunderstandings down the road.

Vendor Questions would include, but is not be limited to, the following topics.

  • General company questions
  • General application questions
  • Capture questions
  • Report or printed output questions
  • Imaging system functional questions
  • Viewing questions
  • Archive questions
  • Image system security questions
  • Application interface options / technical questions
  • Support fee
  • Pricing questions, are there;
    User fees
    Scanning station licensing fees
    Additions fees for functions like workflow, Internet, etc.
  • Sample configuration for pricing

Click here to ask additional questions.

Give us a call, the "Vendor Questions" document is available FREE to potential customers.

Use RVI Document Imaging Solution for Your Accounts Receivable!

Your customer is calling to discuss the invoice you sent to them.
You need a "Proof of Delivery".
You want to get customer invoices processed and out the door.
Your company wants to increase cash flow and reduce receivable delays.
Real Vision Imaging (RVI) system gives you the ability to capture, store and organize your documents into a digital filing systemthat makes them quickly and easily accessible from your accounts receivable business applications.

  • Invoices are available for retrieval in your office or over the internet 24/7.
  • Immediate access to "proof of delivery" documents to fax or email to customers.
  • Electronic distribution of invoices and supporting documents will improve accounts receivable cash flow.
  • Reduced effort to find documents = better customer service!
  • The bottom line is... superior customer support and improved employee productivity!

RVI Complete offers all of these features, and much more, as part of our imaging software solution. Advanced workflow, GUI workflow designer, report distribution, internet support, etc. are not sold as expensive add-on modules and there are no additional licensing fees or user fees to enable these features.

Please give us a call so we can review other ways that RVI can help you improve your accounts receivable operations.