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Encryption and Decryption within RVI

Until recently, the decision to encrypt images and/or data has been a choice made by IT Managers, Human Resource Managers, customer service managers, security professionals, et al.  More times than not, that decision had to be made based on the risk of the images and/or data being compromised, the cost of encryption (hardware and/or software), processing overhead, the unwieldiness of the encryption process, and the possibility that the encryption/decryption keys could be lost or stolen. The latter risk of losing the keys to decrypt the information would likely result in the images and/or data being lost or inaccessible. These collective risks would usually result in a decision against encryption.

However, criminal acts such as stolen identities, the hacking of credit card databases, etc. have forced lawmakers and corporate entities to rethink the idea of encryption. Legislation requiring encryption of stored information, coupled with the sheer necessity of protecting private information and resources, has led the IT world into an entirely new realm of security measures, whether information is stored on traditional storage media (internal disk drives) or on portable devices (external storage appliances). With the proliferation of low cost external storage appliances, the exposure of data is of concern, particularly when the data on the storage device is accessible to the internet or local networks that are in turn accessible from the internet.

In order to meet the requirements of encrypting image and report files that are stored on external media and/or storage appliances, RVI has developed an optional encryption/decryption system based on IBM’s encryption and decryption Application Programming Interfaces (API). The API’s use the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES is a commonly used encryption and decryption standard used by federal agencies of the United States government, the Department of Defense, and many companies in the private sector. This encryption and decryption standard is approved by the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 197 (FIPS 197) by the United States Department of Commerce.

The RVI Encryption and Decryption System encrypts image and spool data as it is moved to storage (the RVI “burn” process). When capturing spool reports, there is an optional post-capture program that can be deployed that will automatically encrypt and burn the spool data to storage. Then, when the images or spool data is retrieved for viewing or other processing, the data is decrypted.

In addition to the encryption and decryption of image and spool data, there are RVI API’s for encrypting and decrypting strings of data. These API’s are useful for the encryption of information included in web browsers Universal Resource Locators (URL). For example, you could email a link to your IBM i and encrypt information such as account numbers or other identifying information. Your HTTP server software can then take that URL and decrypt the encrypted part of the URL and then act on the information provided.

The RVI Encryption and Decryption System does not encode and decode communications across networks, such as the communications that take place between web browsers and web servers. Communications encryption and decryption is better suited to a secure communications layers such as Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTP Strict Transport Security is recommended to be used in conjunction with HTTPS. IBM has a Software Technical Document (380575235) on configuring HTTPS with the IBM HTTP Server for IBM i and IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0.

This RVI feature requires an operating system of V5R4 or higher. It is recommended that your IBM i be at current cumulative PTF levels.

 Mike Miller


Use a Proxy Server to Connect Your IBM i to the Web

Would you like to run your IBM i on the air max 270 femme  web without actually putting it on the web? That’s where a Proxy Server comes into play. A Windows server becomes your “web presence” and is linked to your IBM i using a PHP program as a  “go between” , keeping the IBM i removed from the web but having functionality as if it was directly connected. This functionality will allow you to run RVI’s web-based Image Inquiry and will display your IBM i pages to the web.

RVI has recently developed the PHP program that will provide this connection. It requires PHP server code for your Windows Server which is open source.

For more information, contact:http://www.airmaxfrance2015.com/
Monty Chicola
Phone 318-449-4579 Proxy

Making Smart Phones and Tablets Work For You


Mobile computing is growing in importance as a must have for your Nike Air More Uptempo employees and customers. The use of the internet, smart phones and tablets are common ways to access business information.

Are your employees and customers able to get to their important documents and reports over the internet using their smart phones or tablets?

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) completed a survey in 2011 that gives insight into the use of smart phones, tablets and the internet.

  • 64% of companies have no mobile access to their Nike Air More Uptempo documents or reports.
  • 77% have no dedicated internet browser access to their documents or reports.
  • 87% have no apps to access their documents or reports on a smart phone or tablet.


The RVI solutions provide mobile image access capabilities to access your business documents immediately from anywhere at any time. RVI has developed mobile apps for the Apple  iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. We also have mobile apps for Android and Windows phones. All of these mobile applications are “FREE” to our customers and are available immediately as downloads from the app stores. It is like taking your file cabinets with you as you visit customer sites.

In addition, RVI has partnered with Quadrant software to create the RVI Mobile Signature Capture native application that allows signature capture on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Now you can have a customer sign your documents at their Nike Air More Uptempo locations and within seconds have the completed documents returned for internal processing and invoicing.

Every business can benefit from the availability of secured mobile image access and remote signature capabilities, for example:

  • Medical - patient information, lab reports, doctor notes, etc.
  • Transportation - shipping documents, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Government - police reports, utility documents, court documents, clerk of court documents, code enforcement, etc.
  • Manufacturing / Distribution - hazardous material documents, assembly instructions, inspection forms, delivery documents, etc.
  • Banking - loan department, trust department, regulatory compliance, audits, customer information, statements, etc.

Mobile computing removes the final barriers to conducting business on the go and frees you from your desk. When you can bring all of your file cabinets with Nike Air More Uptempo you, wherever you go, you have instant access to all of your important documents, whenever you need them. Mobile computing plus document imaging is a recipe for changing the way you work. It’s not just a good idea waiting to happen—it’s ready to go!http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/

IBM Discontinues Service and Support for All 3995/3996 Optical Libraries

On June 14, 2011, IBM announced a list of scarpe jordan uomo products that they are phasing out. Among those products are the 3995/3996 Optical Libraries. IBM will STOP SERVICE and SUPPORT on these machines on December 31, 2012.

RVI can work with you to provide conversion custom code to move your data from the 3995/3996 Optical Libraries to new storage devices. This can be time intensive depending on the number of optical cartridges a customer needs to convert. We expect there to be many customers that will need our conversion services in the coming months, please contact us to schedule your conversion as soon as you can. For a custom code proposal, contact Kenny Smith at scarpe jordan uomo our office (318-449-4579) or email him at kenny@realvisionsoftware.com.

Customers unaware of their business partner can contact us for help in finding one. An RVI Certified Business Partner will work with you to determine your options and make recommendations for replacement of your optical libraries with an Imation or Alliance archive appliance that will best suit your company's needs.http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/

For more information about RVI data storage options, please visit http://www.realvisionsoftware.com click Features, click Data Storage.

Interface Your Applications with an RVI Look

Most of your core jordan femme  business applications run on an IBM i server with a “green-screen” look. They are rock-solid and run very efficiently just like you expect them to perform. While your users are comfortable working in this environment, they politely refer to the green-screen look as their “legacy applications”.

Sure, you would like to pursue a document imaging solution, but your jordan femme users insist on a graphical look for any new applications you provide. You’ve considered a PC Windows solution but frankly the idea of bringing in a bunch of new servers and trying to integrate them with your current applications is a bit more than you care to take on right now. And you have given up trying to figure out how much this is going to cost your company!

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) has it covered for you! RVI was built for integration with your IBM i applications, provides flexible interface options and has easy-to-understand pricing. Simple is definitely better!

RVI is a document image and spool / file report capture solution that runs on the same IBM i server as your core business applications. RVI supports multiple interface options so your users can move easily from their application to the content they need to access with whatever look you choose to provide. That means you can present the RVI Sub-File with a “green-screen” look that the users are already familiar with or one of RVI’s “browser” options to deliver a more GUI look. RVI even has a mobile APP so users can access business content from their Apple or Droid devices.

So how much extra do these interface options cost? Nothing! With RVI, you have a native IBM i solution that offers comprehensive features with jordan femme flexible integration options and easy-to-understand pricing. With RVI’s model-based pricing you don’t pay extra for additional modules, users or scan stations like most other PC solutions you may have considered.

Want to spice-up your legacy applications? Give us a call and we can show you how!http://www.jordan5.fr

Using RVI Document Imaging to Solve Your Customer Service Issues


  • You can't find the jordan pas cher  folder you need because someone has removed it from the file cabinet.
  • You need to find paperwork for a customer that is on the phone and you want to eliminate call backs and voice mail.
  • You want to give your customers internet access to their account information.


Real Vision Imaging (RVI) gives you the ability to capture, store and organize your documents into a digital filing system that makes them quickly and easily accessible from your jordan pas cher business applications. With RVI, you can scan paper documents, import PC documents and files, and capture printed documents and reports.

The documents you need:

  • Are available for retrieval and viewing in the office or over the internet 24/7
  • Can be organized and "stapled" together for quick access
  • Can be attached to emails or faxed immediately to the requestor
  • Are available for viewing over the web using your mobile devices
  • Are available for direct customer access over the internet at no cost to you!

RVI Complete offers all of these features, and much more, as part of our document imaging software solution. are just a few of the advanced features included...they are not sold as add-on modules, and there are no additional licensing or user fees for these features.

The bottom line is that RVI can provide improved employee productivity and a higher level of customer service. Give us a call so we can review other ways that we can help you jordan pas cher improve your customer service operations.

Learn how Real Vision Imaging fits easily into the Brain Booster – The Best Pills to Boost Your Concentration... ECM model, providing affordable, user friendly, feature-rich functionality!http://www.jordan5.fr

NEW! RVI-SB Coming Soon!

The RVI server based application (RVI-SB) is now in testing and will be available soon. This air max 97 pas cher application will run on Windows, Unix, AIX and Linux and IBM i platforms. The MySQL, Oracle, and DB2 databases are supported. You get the user friendly functionality of Real Vision Document imaging in a web-based application.

Some of the features of RVI-SB:

  • New Graphical Menu structure that allows you to individualize the air max 97 pas cher menus to meet the individual user or group's specific needs.
  • Multiple image systems may be defined for different departments allowing you to individualize indexing structures and authorities to meet your needs.
  • Up to 99 indexing fields may be defined for each image system. Prompts can be drop-down lists or pop-up calendars and data formatting is allowed.
  • Color documents, black & white documents, spool files and OEM documents are supported.
  • View images in a PDF viewer, the RVI PC Viewer, or web viewer.
  • From within the workbasket, you may approve documents, add reminders and move documents automatically within your organization, build packages, add notes, continue or change the routing order.
  • From the Workflow Analysis inquiry screen, you will see who has which items in their workbasket by department, document type and overdue items.
  • Run totals and graph the number of documents as they move through the workflow process.
  • Integration to the RVI-SB system can be done through code interfaces using an HTML post, hyperlink or COM object from your application. Can also be done through Screen Scrape.
  • Index information may be taken off the screen and passed along with security information and image system designation to have the documents quickly appear for air max 97 pas cher you to work with.

Existing RVI customers on the IBM i platform must upgrade to RVI Complete. No upgrade fee is required for an existing RVI Complete customer.

Download a brochure.

Pricing is based on the number of documents stored. There are no user fees.

If you are considering a move from the IBM i platform, contact us for more information.http://www.jordan5.fr

RVI Introduces Mobile Signature Capture

Can a Point-of Delivery signature be electronically captured and transmitted to your air max 270 pas cher  office and a bill generated and emailed (or faxed) to your customer before the driver leaves the parking lot?

RVI Mobile Signature Capture, developed exclusively for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, can accomplish this task!

The receiver signs for the delivery on the mobile device, the signature is merged onto the delivery document and emailed (or faxed) to your air max 270 pas cher customer within seconds.

This new application is available free to RVI Complete customers on Version 8 or greater.

It only takes a few simple steps to complete the signature process.

  • User logs on to the System
  • User accesses a list of deliveries needing signatures
  • User selects document to be signed
  • Receiver signs pad, accepted signature is  merged with air max 270 pas cher delivery document and completed document is displayed
  • Delivery list is updated
  • Within seconds, the delivery document is emailed or faxed to the receiver!

For additional information about RVI Mobile Signature Capture, contact your RVI Certified Business Partner.http://www.kanyewestyeezy.fr

The RVI Cloud Solution is Coming Soon

The RVI Cloud Solution provides a stable and reliable operating environment for your air max 270 pas cher business data with reduced IT operating costs and rapid ROI with reduced monthly billing based on your company's data storage size.

  • Browser based
  • Unlimited users, no user fees
  • No scanning station license fees
  • Includes workflow, internet support and report capture
  • Supports signature capture using the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Monthly fee includes support from RVI
  • Support for multiple imaging system applications...AR, AR, HR, Legal etc. at no additional charge
  • Priced according to data stored

All of your documents from all of your applications are available 24/7 from a secure server. Your data is safe, secure and available through the web application or via mobile device


For more information, call 318-445-4579 or email rvoffice@realvisionsoftware.com.


Helping You Find a Needle in a Haystack

We've been scanning documents for cheap trainers uk  years now but it is often a headache trying to locate the exact documents we are after.

We've taken advantage of technology price breaks and have purchased PC attached scanners. Multi-function Devices (MFDs) to replace our copiers or network attached scanners. That makes it very simple to digitize most of our documents.

While searching through electronic files is definitely much easier than digging through paper files, there must be a better way to get organized.

Can an imaging system help our situation?


Short answer - yes!

Long answer - capturing documents is really a two-step process. First you SCAN the documents, then you INDEX them. Scanners (and MFDs) solve half the cheap trainers uk equation, but an imaging system (like RVI) will also address step #2. Once your documents are BOTH scanned AND indexed, your search capabilities are greatly improved.

RVI offers three techniques to improve the "findability" of your documents:

  1. RVI enables you to set up as many as sixty-five imaging systems, (AP/AR, HR, etc.) each of which can have up to ninety-nine Key Index Fields (Vendor Number, Customer Number, Date, etc.) which can be used to search for individual documents.
  2. RVI supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which included the capability of full-text recognition. As documents are scanned, the optional OCR engine builds a keyword database allowing you to search on keywords within the cheap trainers uk document or across multiple documents.
  3. RVI can import the scanned TIFF images you have created using your PC attached scanner, MFD devices or network attached scanners, run them through the OCR engine and convert them to searchable PDFs. This gives you the ability to search for words within the single PDF document.

Finding that needle in a haystack just got a whole lot easier with RVI!http://www.stockxsale.co.uk