I Wish I Knew Now What I Didn't Know Then - Tip 3

Tip 3: Content can’t be accessed until it’s Captured.

As a result of your excellent planning efforts with the air max 270 femme users, you now know what type of documents are handled, where they came from, how long they are retained and who needs access to them.   If you are really fortunate, the users also provided work volume estimates.  If not, you can always make an educated guess by counting up the number of on-site file drawers and off-site storage boxes used.

With any image system, there are two capture functions that must be performed - content must first be digitized and then indexed. Once your content is in digital form, users can search on index values for document retrievals (including viewing, printing, faxing or emailing).  The air max 270 femme capture process can be centralized from one location or distributed to remote sites.  Various degrees of automation can be implemented to help minimize the labor involved in the content capture process.

Any image solution you select should be able to capture the three primary types of content:

√ Scanned content includes paperwork or other source documents that are converted from hardcopy to digital format using a scanner.  Indexing can be a manual process or automated using barcode recognition, forms recognition or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques.  Value lists, drop down selections, programming calls and scan profiles are additional methods that can assist with the capture process.

√ Imported content includes files already in digital format such as word processing, spreadsheets, PDF files, other PC output, digital photos or even audio-visual data.  Large quantities of PDF files may have been accumulated using scanners or Multi-Function Devices (MFD’s).  Sometimes this air max 270 femme content has already been digitized, but it may not be indexed or tied to an image software solution.

√ Printed Output includes daily printing of reports, invoices, statements, listings and more.  It might even be output from a forms product currently in use.  Electronic distribution can automate the bursting / delivery process for users.  Forms Overlay capability can reduce the air max 270 femme dependency and expense of using costly pre-printed forms. Search engines and exporting reports to spreadsheets can result in huge time savings for your users.

You initial project may not require capturing all three content types, but your enterprise needs certainly will.

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I Wish I Knew Now What I Didn't Know Then

Seven Tips for Selecting a Document Imaging Solution

Have you ever needed a RESET button?  Do your air max 95 femme  golf buddies let you take an occasional mulligan (or two)?  Unfortunately, there are no “do-overs” in business, including that wrong solution you selected for that big important project.  You remember the one ...it went way over budget, was delivered very late, was much too complicated for the users, fell far short of anticipated benefits or barely works today but will be too expensive to repair.  Good times indeed!

Could you have done some things differently? Perhaps you spent too much time with vendors trying to understand product features and not enough time with users trying to understand requirements.  Perhaps you took a few too many shortcuts with the initial budget and ignored (or didn’t fully grasp) the true costs of the solution.  Perhaps you moved forward without a clearly defined project scope hoping things would work out for the best.

The concept of going paperless sounds simple (and it can be) which can lead to oversights and mistakes.  As consumers, we can Google anything we need from any device we use anytime we want causing us to be somewhat complacent when it comes to new air max 95 femme technology.  However, taking solutions such as document imaging across an entire enterprise involves many underlying factors that need to be considered.

Over the next few weeks, we will offer seven tips to help you make the best possible decision when selecting a document image solution whether you are just starting to look, are in the process of evaluating vendors or trying to undo what has already been done!  They are easy enough to follow and cost nothing to implement!

Tip 1: Planning is just as important as the technology you select!

If you don’t know where you are going, there’s a good chance you probably won’t get there!  There are no perfect document imaging solutions and every installation is tailored to specific user preferences.  More often than not, there is too much emphasis on product features and not enough focus on how to solve the users' business problem.

While understanding product capabilities is important, the first step before you go shopping should be to gather user requirements and prioritize the needs versus wants.  Document imaging solutions do not lack functionality and it is easy to be seduced by the air max 95 femme many dazzling features you will be shown.  The key questions are “will these capabilities ever get implemented” and “at what cost”?

You don’t have to be a Certified Document Image Architect to gather basic information about how users conduct their business and how going paperless can overcome their challenges.

Here are some sample questions to get organized and start framing the scope of the project:

Who are the key users and departments?
What business application software do they use?
What type of documents do they handle?
Where do these documents originate?
Who needs access to these documents?
How long (and where) are records stored?
What happens when files are missing?
What bottlenecks and problems need to be addressed?
Are there any work measures, counts and standards?
Are there any technology considerations and preferences?
Are there any systems in place that will require conversion?

Next Week.... Tip 2: Start with the User’s Perspective.


Do you have a Paper Hoarding Problem?

Are there stacks of yeezy boost adidas  paper documents on employee desks?  Are there file cabinets and file rooms in your offices?  Are you still printing and distributing reports and listings?  Did you know that paper usage is increasing by 42% each year? What does that increased paper usage cost you?

According to an AIIM study, it is estimated that 68% of the information we store is duplicated or junk information. Where do you store all those paper documents and reports?  What does that junk information cost you each year?

If you are saving paper documents and reports because you are afraid to get rid of them, then maybe your organization has a “paper hoarding” problem.

RVI can help you get control of your company's "paper hoarding" problem.  RVI offers affordable solutions with features that allow you to eliminate paper from many of your yeezy boost adidas business processes.  RVI can reduce the employee paper usage by:

√  Scanning paper documents into an RVI digital filing solution.
√   Importing PC files or electronic documents and reports into the digital filing solution.
√   Capturing printed reports (invoices, statements, etc.) so you do not have to distribute
paper copies of the reports.
√   Viewing the stored documents and reports in the office or over the web... 24/7.... from
any place at any time.
√   Routing documents in an automated workflow process so that tasks can be reviewed,
approved and completed the same day.
√   Destroying documents at the end of their useful life with record retention features
provided by the RVI solution.
√   Securing and controlling documents with RVI’s five levels of security to protect access
to the documents and  control what your employees can do with the document.
√   Accessing documents and reports 24/7 using mobile devices like smartphones and
tablets.  View the RVI files remotely from anywhere.
√   Eliminating printing documents, coping redundant documents, labor costs for manual
filing and all the costs for printing and distributing documents and reports.

All of these benefits can be yours with the yeezy boost adidas RVI solution.  RVI provides unlimited user licenses at a very affordable cost.  All of your employees, partner and customers can have access to the documents 24/7 when they need the information.

Solve your paper dependency problem and eliminate the costs associated with processing, retrieving, distributing and storing your paper documents/reports.

Get control of the paper in your offices this year!



Making Smart Phones and Tablets Work For You


Mobile computing is growing in importance as a must have for your Nike Air More Uptempo employees and customers. The use of the internet, smart phones and tablets are common ways to access business information.

Are your employees and customers able to get to their important documents and reports over the internet using their smart phones or tablets?

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) completed a survey in 2011 that gives insight into the use of smart phones, tablets and the internet.

  • 64% of companies have no mobile access to their Nike Air More Uptempo documents or reports.
  • 77% have no dedicated internet browser access to their documents or reports.
  • 87% have no apps to access their documents or reports on a smart phone or tablet.


The RVI solutions provide mobile image access capabilities to access your business documents immediately from anywhere at any time. RVI has developed mobile apps for the Apple  iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. We also have mobile apps for Android and Windows phones. All of these mobile applications are “FREE” to our customers and are available immediately as downloads from the app stores. It is like taking your file cabinets with you as you visit customer sites.

In addition, RVI has partnered with Quadrant software to create the RVI Mobile Signature Capture native application that allows signature capture on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Now you can have a customer sign your documents at their Nike Air More Uptempo locations and within seconds have the completed documents returned for internal processing and invoicing.

Every business can benefit from the availability of secured mobile image access and remote signature capabilities, for example:

  • Medical - patient information, lab reports, doctor notes, etc.
  • Transportation - shipping documents, purchase orders, invoices, etc.
  • Government - police reports, utility documents, court documents, clerk of court documents, code enforcement, etc.
  • Manufacturing / Distribution - hazardous material documents, assembly instructions, inspection forms, delivery documents, etc.
  • Banking - loan department, trust department, regulatory compliance, audits, customer information, statements, etc.

Mobile computing removes the final barriers to conducting business on the go and frees you from your desk. When you can bring all of your file cabinets with Nike Air More Uptempo you, wherever you go, you have instant access to all of your important documents, whenever you need them. Mobile computing plus document imaging is a recipe for changing the way you work. It’s not just a good idea waiting to happen—it’s ready to go!http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/

New Features in RVI Mobile Resources

As a business owner in today’s scarpe basket jordan  market, more and more emphasis is being directed toward improved customer service, improved employee efficiency and faster AR processing. Without adding new employees, how can businesses minimize delivery time, automate the proof of delivery process and reduce the Accounts Receivable lag time?  Fixing these problems can be easily accomplished with the new RVI Apple Application.

GPS map locator button on the RVI Apple mobile signature capture application. Employees who make deliveries or service calls can get a list of customer’s addresses for their deliveries or calls from the RVI solution on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iTouch. The scarpe basket jordan user can press a LOCATE button on the screen that shows the customer address. The RVI application will immediately show them a GPS street map of the customer location. Now they know exactly where the customer is located and how to get there!
RVI Mobile Image Inquiry

Import and Index Pictures from the Camera using the device camera or camera roll. Line up your shot, press the Capture button, index the image, and upload it into an RVI image system. It's as simple as that! Pictures already in your device camera roll can also be indexed and uploaded.

Mobile Signature Capture on a document using the Apple devices.
As an example, when your personnel complete the delivery or service, the customer can sign the related documents on the Apple device. The scarpe basket jordan signature is captured and placed in the document and can be immediately emailed to the office and the customer.

RVI Mobile Proof of Delivery
RVI Mobile Signature Capture for the Legal Industry

RVI Workflow & Approval capabilities. RVI has enabled workflow routing and approval features to allow you access to your RVI workbasket on an Apple device. The remote approval feature allows you to approve or disapprove an invoice, claim, loan, order, etc. This ability allows you to work with your workbasket items anywhere, anytime!

All of these features are available in RVI Complete V8.0 and are FREE to our customers. This includes the free RVI application from the Apple App Store, downloaded directly to your employee’s Apple devices.http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/

IBM Discontinues Service and Support for All 3995/3996 Optical Libraries

On June 14, 2011, IBM announced a list of scarpe jordan uomo products that they are phasing out. Among those products are the 3995/3996 Optical Libraries. IBM will STOP SERVICE and SUPPORT on these machines on December 31, 2012.

RVI can work with you to provide conversion custom code to move your data from the 3995/3996 Optical Libraries to new storage devices. This can be time intensive depending on the number of optical cartridges a customer needs to convert. We expect there to be many customers that will need our conversion services in the coming months, please contact us to schedule your conversion as soon as you can. For a custom code proposal, contact Kenny Smith at scarpe jordan uomo our office (318-449-4579) or email him at kenny@realvisionsoftware.com.

Customers unaware of their business partner can contact us for help in finding one. An RVI Certified Business Partner will work with you to determine your options and make recommendations for replacement of your optical libraries with an Imation or Alliance archive appliance that will best suit your company's needs.http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/

For more information about RVI data storage options, please visit http://www.realvisionsoftware.com click Features, click Data Storage.

Interface Your Applications with an RVI Look

Most of your core jordan femme  business applications run on an IBM i server with a “green-screen” look. They are rock-solid and run very efficiently just like you expect them to perform. While your users are comfortable working in this environment, they politely refer to the green-screen look as their “legacy applications”.

Sure, you would like to pursue a document imaging solution, but your jordan femme users insist on a graphical look for any new applications you provide. You’ve considered a PC Windows solution but frankly the idea of bringing in a bunch of new servers and trying to integrate them with your current applications is a bit more than you care to take on right now. And you have given up trying to figure out how much this is going to cost your company!

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) has it covered for you! RVI was built for integration with your IBM i applications, provides flexible interface options and has easy-to-understand pricing. Simple is definitely better!

RVI is a document image and spool / file report capture solution that runs on the same IBM i server as your core business applications. RVI supports multiple interface options so your users can move easily from their application to the content they need to access with whatever look you choose to provide. That means you can present the RVI Sub-File with a “green-screen” look that the users are already familiar with or one of RVI’s “browser” options to deliver a more GUI look. RVI even has a mobile APP so users can access business content from their Apple or Droid devices.

So how much extra do these interface options cost? Nothing! With RVI, you have a native IBM i solution that offers comprehensive features with jordan femme flexible integration options and easy-to-understand pricing. With RVI’s model-based pricing you don’t pay extra for additional modules, users or scan stations like most other PC solutions you may have considered.

Want to spice-up your legacy applications? Give us a call and we can show you how!http://www.jordan5.fr

Survey Says...

A recent survey by the Association for Image and information Management (AIIM) revealed some interesting research on the challenges of managing information. Paperless solutions have been readily available for over 20 years, yet AIIM* reports that 33% of small and medium businesses have yet to adopt ANY paper-free processes

 Other interesting responses from companies recently surveyed by AIIM*:

  • 55% report at least 15% of their office space is used for storing paper documents
  • 47% indicate that sensitive information leaks would have a high disastrous impact
  • 41% estimate that over half their staff has unsecured confidential information
  • 36% rate their control of paper records as chaotic or somewhat unmanaged

These are real business problems that need to be addressed. Your customers really "care" why it takes so long for you to respond to their inquiry. It shows inefficiency and a poor level of service. You could loose a customer and that costs you profit.

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) enables you to digitally capture your documents so they are instantly accessible from your office PC or over the web using your laptop, smart phone or tablet device. RVI includes all the necessary functions to capture, secure, archive and manage your business content. RVI is easily interfaced with your core applications so users can quickly locate, view, print, email or fax documents from anywhere at any time!

RVI helps your company reduce its dependency on paper which delivers real value to your bottom line. In another AIMM* research report, companies were asked what their biggest drivers were for a document management system in their organization. Here are the top responses: 

  • 65%     Identified long-term retention and disaster recovery as a high priority
                 requirement for content management systems
  • 55%     Improve the search-ability and share-ability of business documents
  • 45%     Reduce the amount of physical storage space used for records
  • 45%     Improve processes to boost productivity
  • 34%     More responsive to customer, supplier, and staff requests
  • 34%     Tighten records security and compliance procedures
  • 16%     Improve the accuracy and quality of their data
  • 15%     Enable workers with mobile and remote access 

What are your major challenges managing your information? Do these survey responses sound a little too familiar? Give us a call and we'll show you how RVI can jump-start your revolution against paperwork!

*AIIM offers high quality research, whitepapers, presentations and more at no charge. Please visit http://www.aiim.org/research for free research report downloads of your own.


Using RVI Document Imaging to Solve Your Customer Service Issues


  • You can't find the jordan pas cher  folder you need because someone has removed it from the file cabinet.
  • You need to find paperwork for a customer that is on the phone and you want to eliminate call backs and voice mail.
  • You want to give your customers internet access to their account information.


Real Vision Imaging (RVI) gives you the ability to capture, store and organize your documents into a digital filing system that makes them quickly and easily accessible from your jordan pas cher business applications. With RVI, you can scan paper documents, import PC documents and files, and capture printed documents and reports.

The documents you need:

  • Are available for retrieval and viewing in the office or over the internet 24/7
  • Can be organized and "stapled" together for quick access
  • Can be attached to emails or faxed immediately to the requestor
  • Are available for viewing over the web using your mobile devices
  • Are available for direct customer access over the internet at no cost to you!

RVI Complete offers all of these features, and much more, as part of our document imaging software solution. are just a few of the advanced features included...they are not sold as add-on modules, and there are no additional licensing or user fees for these features.

The bottom line is that RVI can provide improved employee productivity and a higher level of customer service. Give us a call so we can review other ways that we can help you jordan pas cher improve your customer service operations.

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RVI Introduces Mobile Signature Capture

Can a Point-of Delivery signature be electronically captured and transmitted to your air max 270 pas cher  office and a bill generated and emailed (or faxed) to your customer before the driver leaves the parking lot?

RVI Mobile Signature Capture, developed exclusively for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, can accomplish this task!

The receiver signs for the delivery on the mobile device, the signature is merged onto the delivery document and emailed (or faxed) to your air max 270 pas cher customer within seconds.

This new application is available free to RVI Complete customers on Version 8 or greater.

It only takes a few simple steps to complete the signature process.

  • User logs on to the System
  • User accesses a list of deliveries needing signatures
  • User selects document to be signed
  • Receiver signs pad, accepted signature is  merged with air max 270 pas cher delivery document and completed document is displayed
  • Delivery list is updated
  • Within seconds, the delivery document is emailed or faxed to the receiver!

For additional information about RVI Mobile Signature Capture, contact your RVI Certified Business Partner.http://www.kanyewestyeezy.fr