Time for a Change? Move to RVI!

Has your imaging solution kept up with the changing times? Many solutions implemented 10 or 20 years ago may not fully address your requirements today. Does your current image system provide the advanced capabilities you need to remain competitive in today's business environment?

Many current RVI customers moved to the RVI-i solution because their previous image system no longer met their needs. The RVI-i solution uses the latest technologies and features to allow your business to stay current and meet future needs.

  • RVI has a  native mobile application to access documents from your Apple devices.
  • RVI offers workflow capabilities and a GUI designer at no additional cost.
  • RVI supports extracting data from many PDF documents to use as searchable index values.
  • RVI provides retention controls, signature stamping, automated capture and data encryption.
  • RVI enables viewing documents in the office or remotely 24/7 using the internet.
  • RVI’s unlimited user license allows cost-effective expansion to other departments and applications.
  • RVI annual support includes future releases and is probably less than you are paying today.
  • RVI's reputation for technical support is excellent...just ask some of our customers!

Maybe it is time to look at replacing your “legacy” image system. RVI can provide you with an affordable solution that includes the latest technology and can assist you in the conversion to RVI.

Call RVI for a free consultation. We can discuss your business needs, your current image system and how RVI can help solve your business problems.

For more information, contact:

Len Knudsen
Phone: 318-268-3453