Is Poor Access to Information Hurting Your Business?

Look around your business and see how much time it takes employees to find the latest, accurate information Take a quick audit of where poor access to information is hurting your business. Look for these symptoms:
Information trapped on paper in a desk drawer or file cabinetPC documents stored on individual hard drives or spread over several Windows serversStacks of printed output on the desks of employeesERP, CRM documents and reports available only within the application.Document and reports not available for viewing on smartphones or tablets

RVI can provide a low cost solution to allow your employees 24/7 access to the information they need when the need it – in the office or offsite. The RVI solution will help eliminate the paper document that creates the problem getting immediate access to business information.

RVI Express is an affordable document management solution that can be used as a startup solution. The price for the RVI Express solution is $12,000. That enables up to 10 concurrent users to access information in the digital filing system at the same time. As the number of users grows you can easily upgrade the RVI Express solution to an unlimited user license. You get full credit for your initial investment and only pay a differential fee for the upgrade.

Employees who work remotely should have the same accesses to documents/reports that your office based employees have. The RVI Express solution is internet enabled so remote employees can access the documents/reports immediately usingWi-Fi, 3G or 4G devices like smartphone, tablet devices or laptop PC’s.

RVI Express also provides direct integration with your key line-of-business that enable the users to retrieve documents and reports directly from the application software (ERP, CRM, etc.). The documents they need are available in seconds and they can route, email, fax or print them to other employees, customers, partners or vendors.

If poor access to information is hurting your business then the RVI Express solution will provide immediate access to the most current business information. This solution will make your employees more productive and dramatically improve your level of service to your customers and partners.

For more information on the RVI Express solution, give us a call, we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have!