I Wish I Knew Now What I Didn't Know Then - Tip 4

Tip 4: Digital Content also needs Storage space.

An enormous amount of air max 97 pas cher  floor space (and off-site facilities) is wasted on retaining paper records which are seldom, if ever, accessed again.  Not only does this clutter up the office, but this type of records storage is completely exposed to security breach and catastrophic loss due to fires, floods, earthquakes or other incidents.

Retention requirements are dictated by compliance mandates and each document has its own unique lifecycle (frequency of access tends to decline as files age).  Additionally, you will need to understand work volumes to do some air max 90 homme pas cher capacity planning. Your users will know how many transactions they process, but they typically don’t count how many documents they handle.

One way to estimate your storage capacity needs is to count the number of file cabinets and drawers used for on-site storage as well as the number of records transport boxes sent to off-site retention facilities.  An estimated page capacity for individual file drawers and record boxes can be converted to an overall document and page count which can then be used to identify your preliminary storage needs.

Make sure the image system you select supports multiple storage options and doesn’t lock you into a proprietary technology format.  Network storage devices seem to be the preferred option these days from a price or performance perspective.  However, there are also many air max 90 homme pas cher good “Write Once Read Many” (WORM) options which permanently burn data to the media to ensure it does not get overwritten.

Put some effort into capacity planning to develop an appropriate archive strategy.  Storage technology will continue to evolve offering more, air max 90 homme pas cher better, faster and cheaper options. So regardless of what hardware you select, it will eventually become obsolete.  Stick with solutions based on open standards which will likely be upward compatible when future hardware announcements are made.

Next week:  Tip 5: Taking advantage of new Management features.