I Wish I Knew Now What I Didn't Know Then - Tip 3

Tip 3: Content can’t be accessed until it’s Captured.

As a result of your excellent planning efforts with the air max 270 femme users, you now know what type of documents are handled, where they came from, how long they are retained and who needs access to them.   If you are really fortunate, the users also provided work volume estimates.  If not, you can always make an educated guess by counting up the number of on-site file drawers and off-site storage boxes used.

With any image system, there are two capture functions that must be performed - content must first be digitized and then indexed. Once your content is in digital form, users can search on index values for document retrievals (including viewing, printing, faxing or emailing).  The air max 270 femme capture process can be centralized from one location or distributed to remote sites.  Various degrees of automation can be implemented to help minimize the labor involved in the content capture process.

Any image solution you select should be able to capture the three primary types of content:

√ Scanned content includes paperwork or other source documents that are converted from hardcopy to digital format using a scanner.  Indexing can be a manual process or automated using barcode recognition, forms recognition or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques.  Value lists, drop down selections, programming calls and scan profiles are additional methods that can assist with the capture process.

√ Imported content includes files already in digital format such as word processing, spreadsheets, PDF files, other PC output, digital photos or even audio-visual data.  Large quantities of PDF files may have been accumulated using scanners or Multi-Function Devices (MFD’s).  Sometimes this air max 270 femme content has already been digitized, but it may not be indexed or tied to an image software solution.

√ Printed Output includes daily printing of reports, invoices, statements, listings and more.  It might even be output from a forms product currently in use.  Electronic distribution can automate the bursting / delivery process for users.  Forms Overlay capability can reduce the air max 270 femme dependency and expense of using costly pre-printed forms. Search engines and exporting reports to spreadsheets can result in huge time savings for your users.

You initial project may not require capturing all three content types, but your enterprise needs certainly will.

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