I Wish I Knew Now What I Didn't Know Then - Tip 2

Tip 2: Start with the User’s Perspective.

Once you have an initial understanding of how things work, the scarpe basket jordan  next tip is to determine how content will be delivered to the users. The three most important design objectives should be: (1) to make it as easy as possible for users to access their content, (2) to deliver it in a user-friendly manner and (3) to make it appear as though the image software is just an extension of the user’s business application.

An image system viewer should offer solid features with a simple look and feel scarpe basket jordan which allows users to view, print, fax or email their documents. It should also provide the flexibility to deliver documents as PDF’s as an alternative viewing option.

In terms of how to interface a document image system into the user’s work environment, here are some common approaches that any solution should be able to address:

√ With an Integrated approach, a user requests all related documents for a particular key field (e.g. customer, vendor or employee) from an application screen. A call is made to the image system which then presents the list of document “hits” for the user to take additional action.

√ With a Simple Inquiry approach, authorized users can retrieve documents by searching on index values (such as invoice number, employee name, etc…). Multiple index search filters can typically be used making it even easier to locate specific documents.

√ scarpe basket jordan With a Workbasket approach, users can distribute work items to one another or documents can be delivered automatically as part of an established workflow process. The imaging software should provide workflow capabilities that can track and monitor all workbasket activity.

√ With a Mobile Access approach, users should have the ability, at a minimum, to retrieve content from their smart devices. Because mobile devices do not use common operating systems, your image software probably won’t have applications supporting every mobile device type.http://www.sneaker2018.it/

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