Do you have a Paper Hoarding Problem?

Are there stacks of yeezy boost adidas  paper documents on employee desks?  Are there file cabinets and file rooms in your offices?  Are you still printing and distributing reports and listings?  Did you know that paper usage is increasing by 42% each year? What does that increased paper usage cost you?

According to an AIIM study, it is estimated that 68% of the information we store is duplicated or junk information. Where do you store all those paper documents and reports?  What does that junk information cost you each year?

If you are saving paper documents and reports because you are afraid to get rid of them, then maybe your organization has a “paper hoarding” problem.

RVI can help you get control of your company's "paper hoarding" problem.  RVI offers affordable solutions with features that allow you to eliminate paper from many of your yeezy boost adidas business processes.  RVI can reduce the employee paper usage by:

√  Scanning paper documents into an RVI digital filing solution.
√   Importing PC files or electronic documents and reports into the digital filing solution.
√   Capturing printed reports (invoices, statements, etc.) so you do not have to distribute
paper copies of the reports.
√   Viewing the stored documents and reports in the office or over the web... 24/7.... from
any place at any time.
√   Routing documents in an automated workflow process so that tasks can be reviewed,
approved and completed the same day.
√   Destroying documents at the end of their useful life with record retention features
provided by the RVI solution.
√   Securing and controlling documents with RVI’s five levels of security to protect access
to the documents and  control what your employees can do with the document.
√   Accessing documents and reports 24/7 using mobile devices like smartphones and
tablets.  View the RVI files remotely from anywhere.
√   Eliminating printing documents, coping redundant documents, labor costs for manual
filing and all the costs for printing and distributing documents and reports.

All of these benefits can be yours with the yeezy boost adidas RVI solution.  RVI provides unlimited user licenses at a very affordable cost.  All of your employees, partner and customers can have access to the documents 24/7 when they need the information.

Solve your paper dependency problem and eliminate the costs associated with processing, retrieving, distributing and storing your paper documents/reports.

Get control of the paper in your offices this year!