Survey Says...

A recent survey by the Association for Image and information Management (AIIM) revealed some interesting research on the challenges of managing information. Paperless solutions have been readily available for over 20 years, yet AIIM* reports that 33% of small and medium businesses have yet to adopt ANY paper-free processes

 Other interesting responses from companies recently surveyed by AIIM*:

  • 55% report at least 15% of their office space is used for storing paper documents
  • 47% indicate that sensitive information leaks would have a high disastrous impact
  • 41% estimate that over half their staff has unsecured confidential information
  • 36% rate their control of paper records as chaotic or somewhat unmanaged

These are real business problems that need to be addressed. Your customers really "care" why it takes so long for you to respond to their inquiry. It shows inefficiency and a poor level of service. You could loose a customer and that costs you profit.

Real Vision Imaging (RVI) enables you to digitally capture your documents so they are instantly accessible from your office PC or over the web using your laptop, smart phone or tablet device. RVI includes all the necessary functions to capture, secure, archive and manage your business content. RVI is easily interfaced with your core applications so users can quickly locate, view, print, email or fax documents from anywhere at any time!

RVI helps your company reduce its dependency on paper which delivers real value to your bottom line. In another AIMM* research report, companies were asked what their biggest drivers were for a document management system in their organization. Here are the top responses: 

  • 65%     Identified long-term retention and disaster recovery as a high priority
                 requirement for content management systems
  • 55%     Improve the search-ability and share-ability of business documents
  • 45%     Reduce the amount of physical storage space used for records
  • 45%     Improve processes to boost productivity
  • 34%     More responsive to customer, supplier, and staff requests
  • 34%     Tighten records security and compliance procedures
  • 16%     Improve the accuracy and quality of their data
  • 15%     Enable workers with mobile and remote access 

What are your major challenges managing your information? Do these survey responses sound a little too familiar? Give us a call and we'll show you how RVI can jump-start your revolution against paperwork!

*AIIM offers high quality research, whitepapers, presentations and more at no charge. Please visit for free research report downloads of your own.