New Features in RVI Mobile Resources

As a business owner in today’s scarpe basket jordan  market, more and more emphasis is being directed toward improved customer service, improved employee efficiency and faster AR processing. Without adding new employees, how can businesses minimize delivery time, automate the proof of delivery process and reduce the Accounts Receivable lag time?  Fixing these problems can be easily accomplished with the new RVI Apple Application.

GPS map locator button on the RVI Apple mobile signature capture application. Employees who make deliveries or service calls can get a list of customer’s addresses for their deliveries or calls from the RVI solution on an Apple iPad, iPhone or iTouch. The scarpe basket jordan user can press a LOCATE button on the screen that shows the customer address. The RVI application will immediately show them a GPS street map of the customer location. Now they know exactly where the customer is located and how to get there!
RVI Mobile Image Inquiry

Import and Index Pictures from the Camera using the device camera or camera roll. Line up your shot, press the Capture button, index the image, and upload it into an RVI image system. It's as simple as that! Pictures already in your device camera roll can also be indexed and uploaded.

Mobile Signature Capture on a document using the Apple devices.
As an example, when your personnel complete the delivery or service, the customer can sign the related documents on the Apple device. The scarpe basket jordan signature is captured and placed in the document and can be immediately emailed to the office and the customer.

RVI Mobile Proof of Delivery
RVI Mobile Signature Capture for the Legal Industry

RVI Workflow & Approval capabilities. RVI has enabled workflow routing and approval features to allow you access to your RVI workbasket on an Apple device. The remote approval feature allows you to approve or disapprove an invoice, claim, loan, order, etc. This ability allows you to work with your workbasket items anywhere, anytime!

All of these features are available in RVI Complete V8.0 and are FREE to our customers. This includes the free RVI application from the Apple App Store, downloaded directly to your employee’s Apple devices.