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Are All Document Imaging Systems Created Equal?

Selecting an imaging solution for your company is the air max 270 femme beginning of a long term relationship and deserves serious consideration.

When evaluating imaging solutions most companies want to make sure they are asking all the right questions and need to know not only the initial cost of the solution, but what are the long term costs of ownership.

For the evaluation process, it is safe to assume that all imaging solutions offer the air max 95 pas cher same basic imaging capabilities, document scanning, viewing, printing, faxing, workflow, Internet support, printed output capture, etc., in addition to some possible special functions like signature capture, mobile image access, SSN redaction, GUI workflow designer, versioning, imported document support, etc.

The important question is how is all of that delivered? Are all these functions in the imaging solution or are they sold as add-ons.

How can RVI help?

To make the process easier for companies evaluating competitive imaging solutions RVI can provide a document, Vendor Questions, that a company can use as a questionnaire to get accurate information based on set criteria. This puts everyone on a level playing field and helps eliminate costly surprises or misunderstandings down the road.

Vendor Questions would include, but is not be limited to, the following topics.

  • General company questions
  • General application questions
  • Capture questions
  • Report or printed output questions
  • Imaging system functional questions
  • Viewing questions
  • Archive questions
  • Image system security questions
  • Application interface options / technical questions
  • Support fee
  • Pricing questions, are there;
    User fees
    Scanning station licensing fees
    Additions fees for functions like workflow, Internet, etc.
  • Sample configuration for pricing

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Give us a call, the "Vendor Questions" document is available FREE to potential customers.