Platforms - RVI for Windows                                

RVI for Windows offers similar features as the IBM i solution when the requirement is to operate in an on-premises Windows environment. It is perfect for new customers who don’t run an IBM i server or existing customers planning to migrate their applications to the Windows platform.
RVI for Windows is offered as a
Complete system (unrestricted users) or Express version (limited to ten concurrent users). RVI conversion services are available to move existing image data and indexes from an IBM i to a Windows platform.

  Two pricing options: License Purchase or Monthy Subscription.
  No scanning station license fees.
  Includes Workflow and internet support.
  Signature capture with mobile and signature pads.
  Single server license.

The "OneLook" Viewer supports viewing, scanning, workflow, image maintenance interfacing and screen scrape.

For more information about OneLook and RVI for Windows features:

OneLook - Data Extraction for Spool files
OneLook - Linking
OneLook - Audit Graphing
OneLook - Downloading Indexes
OneLook - Viewing   
OneLook - Workflow   
OneLook - Interfacing   
RVI 9.0 Now Available!
RVI for Windows