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Special Announcement! Early Bird Pricing: RVI for Windows!

Attention: Existing RVI customers planning to migrate from the IBM i server to the Windows platform.

How does this impact my budget?
Listed below is the phased pricing plan for migrating from IBM i to RVI for Windows options:


Does RVI offer any other system options?
Yes, the RVI Cloud is another option to consider. Under this option you pay a single monthly fee which includes full use of the software, unlimited users and software support. This simple fee is based on storage capacity requirements. If you would like to explore this option please contact an RVI specialist listed below.

What if I have RVI Basic or RVI Spool File installed?
The same pricing / discounts apply for RVI Basic or RVI Spool File users. Migrating from RVI Basic or Spool File essentially includes an upgrade to RVI Complete for Windows giving the users access to many new features (such as workflow capabilities).

RVI for Windows does not support spool file capture. A majority of applications can generate PDF output which is supported by RVI for Windows . RVI can provide the necessary services to convert existing spool files to a PDF format which can then be imported into RVI for Windows.

Who can provide conversion services?
Real Vision Software offers technical services to migrate your IBM i data to RVI for Windows. In addition to the conversion services, certified RVI resources can also provide onsite installation support. While budget and planning estimates can be provided for these work efforts, a Scope of Work (SOW) is required to finalize any pricing for your project.

What is my next step?
A planning questionnaire is available to help gather information needed to plan your transition to RVI for Windows. Based on these responses an RVI Marketing Specialist can guide you through this process. You may just need budget and planning estimates or a more detailed Scope of Work to begin your migration process to the Windows platform. Regardless of your situation we are here to help.

To get started, please contact one of the following RVI Marketing Specialists:

John Paul Roundtree

Len Knudsen