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Make it Happen Faster With RVI's Mobile Signature Capture System!


I know an imaging system can help us organize and manage our documents more effectively, but nothing gets started until we receive the signed paperwork back at the office. Deliveries are made, customers approve the shipments and our drivers have to return the Proof of Delivery documents before we can prepare our invoices.


With RVI's new Mobile Signature Capture system, you can make it happen faster!

Using an iPad, iPhone or iTouch device, your drivers can select the specific document to be signed at delivery time. Once the receiver approves the shipment, the document can be signed using the stylus or by hand, and the Proof of Delivery is transmitted back to your office. Additional supporting documents can be gathered (using RVI's Rendition Billing) and the invoice can be prepared and emailed or faxed to your customer's Accounts Payable department before the driver leaves the parking lot!

 The capture process is streamlined, your invoices are prepared accurately and promptly, and your customer has the information they need to process and pay your invoice faster...reducing your company's Accounts Receivable lag time.

 RVI's Mobile Signature Capture system has a free interface with Quadrant Software's "Formtastic" forms solution that also supports merging captured signatures and forms from their application. For RVI customers, the new feature is included with the RVI Complete System.

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Getting Back to Basics for Small Business


My budget is limited, but my problems are getting bigger. I have less people running the business than I did three years ago. The workload is taking its toll on my employees. Morale is being affected. I am fearful that our service to our customers may become a problem.

Are there any affordable projects that will help me improve my workers' efficiency?


The RVI Express solution is a great "Back to Basics" project. The paper based filing system that you use today is a tremendous waste of your employees' time. They have PC's at their desk, yet they still make copies of documents and file them in folders in filing cabinets.

Why not give them a digital filing system that can manage all of the documents and reports they work with. With the RVI Express solution, you can capture paper documents using your existing scanners or multifunction copiers. RVI Express can import your PC created documents, reports and files, and store them in the digital filing system. RVI can also capture any printed output from your IBM i applications and allow them to be placed in the digital filing system.

Once the documents are filed in a digital format, you can view and work with the documents 24/7 in the office or remotely over the internet. You have access to the reports or documents any time you need them, Your employees don't need to leave their desk or make paper copies of documents anymore.

With the workflow capability that comes with the RVI Express solution, the digitized documents can be routed to your employees instantaneously as part of your daily work process. The ability to get the documents in digital format cuts days, hours and minutes from the processing cycle. RVI Workflow will speed up the process and you will have better control over the documents/reports.

The RVI Express solution is very affordable. It will save you money and dramatically improve your employee productivity. It will also improve morale so that your employee can handle their growing workloads.

For more information, please contact:

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Len Knudsen
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